Tuesday, December 19, 2017

AZ Trip, Day Three

About 50 miles west of Albuquerque, NM, Pat took over the wheel and got us on down the road.  I got out my camera and started taking pictures as I saw things that looked interesting.  Mostly landscape shots.  I took 28 pictures covering the area from when Pat took over to Kingman AZ.  I have cut the group down to 18 that are mostly clear and I hope interesting.

This is I-40 west bound and it is a very busy truck route.

Still in NM here,  Just a landscape shot

More landscape

Made it to AZ.  Interesting rock formation.  Around on the side it is full of holes that birds use to nest in.

Flat open desert area in AZ.

A couple of "animals" we saw along the way. 

The mountain in the hazy distance is east of Flagstaff, AZ.  It usually has a white top of snow this time of year.  Flagstaff has a big ski resort in the area and they don't have any snow yet. 

Made it to Flagstaff, AZ

Starting to go down hill now.  We were up to around 7,000 feet elevation at one time.  You can see all the trucks we had to contend with.

Still going down.  The haziness is caused by smoke from the California fires I think.

Shot of the flat land we are going down to.

We started seeing this sign about every 20 miles when we got into AZ.  As you can see with the blue sky in the background, it was a sunny day.  We never did have any rainy weather or wet roads.  I think the sign guy didn't go into work on Sunday to change the sign.

More going down hill.  The road had a lot of curves.

Just another landscape shot.

Going down.

I liked this hill.

Wide open spaces.

The last shot.



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