Thursday, September 1, 2016


For the first time I planted Carrots in my garden this year.  They came up as expected, but I wasn't sure whether there were any Carrots under the nice tops.  We had tried pulling some and either the stems broke off or what we got was about the size of a pencil.  So, this morning I got the shovel and started digging them up.  There were Carrots there, although not as big as I had hoped.  The following pictures show the crop and what I did with half of them.  The other half I gave to our neighbors Dale and Emmy.  I had made a Carrot cake in the past that they liked, so now they have the Carrots to make one. 

This is the crop of Carrots.  I used half and gave half to the neighbors.

This is the Carrot cake hot out of the oven.

This is the cake with icing.

First piece.

It was good.