Thursday, May 28, 2015


As was mentioned in a previous blog, we have redone our decks to both enlarge them and to get good new lumber installed.  All of the new lumber is Cedar.  The project was finished a couple weeks back and I am now getting around to this new posting.  Also included with the new deck pictures are a couple bird pictures and some house pictures.  First will be some house pictures and then the deck pictures and then the bird pictures.  Hope you enjoy.

This is the back side of the house in total and showing the new deck off our bedroom and the Gazebo.  Pat used my new camera with the wide angle lens to get all this in the picture.

This is a shot of most of the front of the house.  The third garage is cut off.

Another shot of the front of the house.  If you look closely, you can see the two new plant holders I made this past winter.  They are on either side of the walkway.  Also up on the porch is the plant holder made by our friend Chuck Sachs for us a couple years back.   We just put them out with new flowers this past week.

This is a wider angle shot showing most of the front of the house.

Close up shot of the front RED door.  You can see the plant holders much better here.

 This is the main deck right after completion.

Walkway around the Gazebo coming from the main deck above.

Wide angle shot of the deck.

Main deck with our new Glider and the two new side tables I made out of the scraps of lumber from the redo of the deck. We also have a nice table and four chairs for our future outside dining.  Didn't get a picture of them.

I call this one the kitchen deck as it is right off the kitchen area.  It is about 5 feet longer.

This is the kitchen deck with our grill in place and the new bench I made for this deck, again out of the scraps from the redo.

This is the male Bluebird that has moved into one of our houses.

This is both the male and the female Bluebirds that are in residence now.  She is the lower one and he is in the upper right corner.

This is a shot of a Baltimore Oriole that visited for a couple days.  It is one of the best and clearest shots I have seen of any bird we have pictured in the past.  Pat took the shot.


Thursday, May 7, 2015


Several things going on around our place recently.  The following pictures cover them including one project that isn't finished yet.

This is our Crabapple tree in full bloom which happened this week.

This is our deck without the railings  The first step in rebuilding it.

Another shot of the deck without railings and floor boards.

Last shot of deck being readied for rebuilding.  The debris pile is growing. 

This is the small deck off the kitchen without it's rails.  Floor boards will come off next.

We got the pontoon home and on the lift.  We have been out for one ride already.

Close up of the Tulips I just picked from the flower bed.

Tulips in the vase.

The guys came this moring and took down the pine tree at the head of the garden.  It was causing problems and wasn't that great of a tree anyway.  We still have two others.

Here they are just starting to take down the dead Apple tree.  The apples were never any good anyway.  We will replace it with a good apple tree.

That's the latest.  More on the deck when it is all finished.