Monday, June 24, 2013

Fine Dining

Patrick enjoys experimenting with new recipes he finds on the Internet.  He found a special baked potato that he wanted to try along with a "crispy" chicken recipe.

The baked potatoes were very good - cheesy/garlic baked.  No calories here!
The chicken was definitely crispy and very good.

Best of all is that I didn't have to cook tonight.  Can't beat that perk. 


I have to add some comments on these two recipes.  Both require a lot of  work to prepare and it didn't really make them any better.  They were both edible, but not something that I will do again and nothing to "write home about".


Monday, June 3, 2013


Last fall I planted several Tulip bulbs.  This spring they came up and turned out very nice.  We have had several bouquets in the last couple weeks.  The pictures below are of the final bouquet.  I think they are the prettiest of the bunch and I say that even though some of the previous ones were RED.  Enjoy!