Sunday, January 29, 2017


This morning we met with friends at the Hualapai Mountain Resort for brunch.  They have a very nice brunch on Sunday mornings and we have gone there at least once each winter we have been in Arizona.  The resort is in the mountains near Kingman AZ.  It is at around 6,000 feet elevation.

This is the group.  From left to right is Jim, Ilene, myself, Pat, Diane, and Sara. 

Normally there are some Elk right outside the restaurant.  This year there weren't any, but there were two deer.  This is one of them.

This is the other deer.  He is a young buck.

This is a shot of the mountain side from the parking lot of the restaurant.

Another shot of the surrounding mountains.  Lots of snow.

This is a shot of Diane, Pat and Ilene outside the Colorado Bell casino where we visited last week. 


Monday, January 16, 2017


Each winter they have a balloon festival here in Lake Havasu City.  It is a three day affair with lots of hot air balloons and other entertainment.  This years festival was mostly rained out or winded out the first two days and the balloons weren't able to fly.  However, on the last day of the festival it was nice and they all got into the air.  The following pictures are of several of the balloons.

There were many different colors of balloons.

This was a shot of several that were up and on their way.

Two more.

A nice yellow one.

This was one of the main areas where several were being prepared to take off.  There were several places where they prepared them to fly.

This is that same area shown above, but expanded to show all the boats out watching them.

This was one that they were getting ready to take off.  You can see the flames from the burner getting the air in the balloon hot and ready to go.