Monday, March 23, 2015

Oatman Trip

We took a trip to Oatman Arizona today.  It is around 30 miles from Lake Havasu City.  It is an old mining town that is now a tourist stop.  There were three big tour buses there today and a lot of other tourist besides.  Surprised us a little that there were that many people there on a Monday.  The following pictures were taken on the way to the town, while we were there and a few on the way back home.  All of the pictures were taken with my new camera and lenses which are finally repaired and working great.

This is a secenry shot on the way to Oatman.

Another scenery shot on the way to town.

A real rock wall.

Have seen this fellow each time we have been to Oatman.  His wife is the town Sheriff.  Didn't get her picture.

A rock formation sitting above the town.

Another shot of the mountain above the town.  Note the cell towers on top.

These cactus were all along the road on the way to Oatman.  Got this close up shot in town.

Another shot of the same type of cactus

 Pat met up with one of her buddies from last time we were there.

 This is Silver.

Oatman hotel.

One of the main side streets in Oatman.  See next picture.

This is the side of the building on Smith Lane shown in previous picture.

 This is a store on the other side of the main street on Smith Lane.

Post Office.

He isn't dead.  Just decided to lay down and take a nap I guess.  He got up later.

A small part of one wall in a cafe in Oatman.  All of the walls in the place are covered like this with one dollar bills.

Scenery shot on the way back to Lake Havasu City.

Another scenery shot on the way home.

More scenery.

We were pretty much back down out of the mountains here and this is a shot of the river valley.   If you look closely you can see the river.  It was very hazy today down in the valley.

Another river valley shot.

This weed, flower, I am not sure which was all along the road going to Oatman.  I stopped and got this close up shot on the way home.

The road to Oatman and on through town is the famous Route 66.  Not sure what the sign below the route number means.

 That was the trip.  We have gone to Oatman at least once each year we have been here and I am sure we will go again next year.  Bullhead City is only about 20 miles from Oatman.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  If you ever get out here you have to go to Oatman and pet the donkeys.