Friday, January 29, 2016

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Yesterday afternoon we visited the Lake Mead Recreation Area.  This area starts just north of Bullhead City and goes north to totally include all of Lake Mead.  Also included in the area is Lake Mohave which is formed by the Davis dam on the Colorado river.  Lake Mohave is about 3 miles north of Bullhead City.  We drove around Lake Mohave and checked out a number of coves and recreation areas.  There are several boat ramps for the lake.  We see reports in the local paper that there is a lot of fishing being done just below the dam for the lake with some big Stripped Bass and Rainbow trout being caught.  The Trout are placed in the river each year.  The first picture below is a map of the recreational area.  The green area is the recreational area.  Lake Mead is at the top of the map and Lake Mohave is near the bottom.  Las Vegas is at the top left and Bullhead City is at the bottom.  The other pictures are of the scenery around Lake Mohave.

 Map of the recreational area.

Mountains on the west side of the Lake Mohave

More mountains with the Lake along the bottom.

Just an interesting formation east of the lake.

Another formation.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


While waiting for Pat to get her hair cut today, I went for a ride and got some pictures of the area scenery.  There are mountains on both sides of Bullhead City with the river down in between. Because of the angle and my elevation, I couldn't get the river in the pictures. Also, I am including a picture of what Pat and I had for supper tonight.  Pat bought some steaks a couple days back at Sam's club and when I saw them I though they were small roasts.  You will see what I mean in the picture.  I grilled the first one tonight and it came out well and very tasty.  We cut it in half and had plenty for both of us.  The steaks weighed around 1 1/2 pounds each.

Mountains northwest of Laughlin, Nevada.

Badlands type area to the left of the mountains in the first picture.

I call this one the Knob.

This one could be a castle.

This is the beginning of casino row in Laughlin.

This is the Colorado Belle and to the left of the picture the Golden Nugget.  They are at the other end of the casino row.  I wasn't able to get the middle this time.

Our steak for this evening.


Monday, January 18, 2016


Yesterday we went to the Hualapai mountains near Kingman, AZ to meet our friends Jim and Sara Johnson for brunch at the Hualapai Mountain Resort.  They have a very good all you can eat Sunday brunch for $7.99.  We have been here for the brunch in previous years.  One of the things they are known for is the herd of Elk that stay out in front of the picture windows in the restaurant.  The following pictures are of the Elk and one of  the Hualapai mountains.  As you can see they have snow up there.  The restaurant is at around 6,000 feet elevation.

This is the herd.  There were at least 12 of them there.

This was one that was off by herself and right next to where you can walk up to.

This one of the Hualapai snow covered mountains.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Last week I got too close to the boat in the garage and a piece sticking out beyond the edge of the boat nicked the side window in the Yukon and cracked the glass.  We didn't realize it at the time and later we were on an errand to Sam's club when Pat got out of the car to go inside while I waited in the parking lot.  She opened the back door of the car to get a tote bag to put the items in she was going after and when she closed the door the glass started falling into the car and on the street.  We got back home with it that way and had to go Lake Havasu the next day to look at a house we were considering for next winter.  In the mean time, we contacted the glass repair company and set up an appointment to get the glass fixed, but had to wait until 4 days later for them to get the glass and have an opening to install it.  While we were in Lake Havasu, we stopped at the glass place and they were kind enough to finish knocking out the broken glass and covering up the whole area with some stuff that stuck to the car like Saran wrap to a bowl.  We drove it that way until this morning when we went back and they installed the new glass and fixed a small chip in the windshield also.  The following pictures show what I described above and there are also two pictures of the house we will be living in next season.

Window with hole.

Another closer shot.

Pat showing the patch.

This was so good I had to show a second one.

All fixed and like new.

House from one side.

House from in front.