Friday, February 27, 2015

Those Aren't Deer

We took a trip to the casino near Parker AZ this afternoon.  Had a little luck, but nothing worth talking about.  On the way home we took the following pictures.  The title of this blog relates to what Pat thought she saw on the way to the casino.

This is a mountain along the highway on the way home.  It has an American flag up on top.  If you look closely, you can see it.  I don't know how they get up there as this mountain is just about the same on the other side like the side we can see here.  The flag is in good condition and must get changed once in awhile.  See the next picture for a close up.

Here is the close up of the flag on top of the mountain.

This is an RV park on the other side of the highway from the mountain with the flag seen above.  You can see the second level of the park over on the right side of the picture.  It looked like the park was pretty much full.

Now we get to the "deer".  Pat thought she saw a bunch of deer as we went by this area on the way to the casino.  We didn't stop then to check them out and she could only see them for a couple seconds.  Turns out it was a herd of wild Donkeys that were roaming around the RV park that sits next to the Colorado river, which you can see in the foreground.  These Donkeys can be found all around the state and you have to watch for them crossing the highway.  They are descendants from the Donkeys used by miners and released to make it on their own way back when.  

That's the story.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Small Day Trip

Today we took a small day trip to go to a brunch with some friends and to check the phone service at the house we will be in next winter.  The brunch was at the Hualapai Resort in the Hualapai mountains and state park.  It is located at around 6,500 feet elevation and in some very pretty country with lots of pine trees.  It was a fun trip and a great brunch with a very fun bunch.  We also saw a lot of new country.  We also found out that our cell phones work great.  The following pictures were taken during the trip.

Pat looking good by the resort sign

Me as my usual self

I think that is Pat trying to act like an Elk

There were three Elk right by the restaurant and they weren't afraid of us at all.  I think they like having their pictures taken.  This is one that was standing.

 A second Elk that was standing and you can see the third one laying down in the background.

This is a shot of the group that attended the brunch.  What a fun bunch.  

Scenery shot by the restaurant.

Another scenery shot by the restaurant.

This is a scenery shot taken on are way to Bullhead City after the brunch.  

Another scenery shot along the road to Bullhead City.

Another scenery shot.  We liked this one because it looks like a finger sticking up out of the rocks.

This is a shot of the casinoes along the river as we came into Bullhead City.  They are on the other side of the river from us and in Nevada.

Another shot of the casinoes.

This is a shot of the house we will be in next winter.

A second shot of the house.

It was a fun day with friends.  Most of the pictures were taken by Pat using our old camera.  I took a couple with my new camera and they are okay, but I am not very happy with it and may return the whole package and do some more research before I get another one.  That's another story.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the trip and getting together with friends.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you - and me. Not much else to add.