Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tis the Season!

Since we've gotten home our weather has been more "normal" for our area; not like the winter. At least the grass has stayed green and there have been some decent days to be outside.

The first item on the agenda was to trim the apple tree. As you can tell by Patrick's attire, it wasn't a very warm day.

The next item was the yard. Last week we had someone de-thatch and mow the yard. Yesterday we made a quick trip to Fleet Farm to get what we thought was the right yard application to put down. We thought we'd give the Scott's four-step process a try this year; only to discover that what we bought yesterday was Step 3 - we missed the first two.

Today was another trip to Fleet Farm and we got Step 1. It was a nice day to be outside so this application is already down.

Now, we need to find Step 2.

Patrick's garden will be next on the agenda. He bought himself a new toy for tilling his garden spots.

It's not the biggest but is better than a hoe. As soon as he finds his fertilizer for the garden, this will be put to the test.

Next week is suppose to be warmer; maybe we'll get the pontoon home then as the dock and lift have been installed.

I guess that's why we need three months off in the winter - to rest up for our spring chores.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Home Again

We arrived at home last Saturday afternoon. It's a long two-day drive but we had good driving conditions all the way home - no rain or snow anywhere. We thought this was the first time we'd had greenery the entire trip.

We made our usual stop in Drumright, OK where Patrick visits the cemetery and from there on to Carthage, MO. Since our last day was on a Saturday, we didn't have to worry about any rush hour traffic in either Kansas City or Minneapolis.

We saw more traffic accidents on this trip than all the other years combined. They were all single car accidents and nothing major; only one stopped us for a while.

When we got home, all of our bird feeders were totally empty. We stopped yesterday and got food and filled all the feeders. Today was the first time any birds found them; it won't take long now for the rest of the birds to arrive.

These two have been here before. When I came out of the garage carrying the board and pail of corn, the drake started "talking" to me right way. He stood back and just watched me - still chattering away. The hen was a little more timid and stayed further out in the yard until I was completely out of sight. She wasn't too sure she should eat any of that "stuff", but once she figured out what it was, she jumped right in.Right where the drake had been eating. They'll be back.