Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lawn Ornaments?

On our way home from eating out tonight, we took a side trip by the golf course that's on the edge of town.  Usually, there are several groups of deer out on the course - along with the golfers.

Tonight, these were relaxing in a yard across from the golf course.

The deer in Texas are quite a bit smaller than those in Minnesota.  Not everything is bigger in Texas.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Pickin'

This has been an unusual year for pecans and picking.  First, it seems like it was a very good year for growing; second, Sandy and I happened across a lady who has been letting us pick pecans in her yard.  Not only does she let us pick, but she's been picking and saving them for us.  Most of these pecans are from her yard but we did come across a couple other "hot spots" that had very nice ones too.

We've been getting our exercise not only from walking and picking but carrying the sack full back to the condo.  The Texas oranges are good this year too for fresh-squeezed juice.  The orange bags come in handy for storing the pecans.  The sacks hold 18 lbs. of oranges - and pecans.

Hopefully, the Target shopping bag can hold out for a few more pecan picking trips. 

The weather is suppose to be turning a little colder next week - good time to do some cracking.

What senior citizens don't do for entertainment!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sun Rises Again

It has been cloudy for most of the time since we have been here.  These were the dark gray clouds that made you just want to go back to bed and stay there until spring.  It has also been chilly and rainy.  Not the kind of weather we came down here for.  But, yesterday afternoon the sun came out and it warmed up some.  The coming week is suppose to be sunny with highs in the 60's.  I can get out on the deck and get my tan started with that kind of weather.  The picture below is taken from our condo.  The sun is just coming up.  All of the trees in the picture are Pecan trees.  The squirrels were out this morning picking pecans.  There are still some on the trees.  It looks like it will be a great day!

There was some frost this morning, but it will be warming up quickly.  Hope you have a great day!