Friday, August 28, 2015


We have two Hummingbird feeders hanging in front of the kitchen window.  In the past we have usually had 2 or 3 birds coming around.  However, this past week there must be some migration of the Hummingbirds starting because we have had as many as 6 or more around at the same time.  There is some cooperation among them to use the feeders at the same time and a lot of chasing each other away by some of the birds.  They are fun to watch in all their buzzing around.  The following pictures were taken this morning as I tried to get as many of the birds in the pictures as I could.

This first picture is of a female that was sitting in the cedar tree that is next to the feeders.  They do that often and many times will come out and chase another bird away that tries to use the feeders.

This is a picture of a female on one of the feeders just resting.

This picture has 3 birds in it.  One just landing on the right and the other two thinking about it.

Another single on the feeder eating undisturbed.

 This picture actually has 5 birds in it.  One is out in the distance on the right and is just a little red spot out there.  One is on the back side of the right feeder and you can only see a wing.  The others are the two eating and the one in the air on the right.

 Again there are 5 in this picture.  You can see 4 plainly and there is still the one out to the right edge of the picture that is not real plain.

Only 4 in this picture.  Three on the feeders and one in the lower right just coming in..


Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Bluebird Feeder

We had an old feeder that had been converted from another use that we were using to keep Meal worms in for the Bluebirds.  It had a solid bottom and filled with water when it rained and that caused the worms to rot.  So, this morning I constructed a new feeder out of Cedar with a metal bottom that is full of holes so the water can drain right through.  The picture below is of the house the Bluebirds are currently using to raise another batch of little ones, the new feeder and a Mister Bluebird sitting up on the limb above the feeder checking it out.  They almost always sit up on this limb and then drop down to the feeder.  Many time they go from the feeder directly to the house and feed the little ones.  Fun to watch.