Thursday, November 19, 2015


I believe that winter has finally arrived here in Cold Spring.  The following pictures show what we have been having this morning.  The ground is white now and it is very winter looking.  It had to come sometime and we can only hope it is not a real hard winter.

There were times during the recent storm that I couldn't see the trees in the background.  Picture was taken from our living room window overlooking the backyard and the river.

The river is in the background and barely visible.

Ground all white now.

Winter ISH


Wednesday, November 4, 2015


This past spring we had our decks rebuilt using Cedar lumber with the idea that we could just let this weather naturally and not have to paint or stain them.   They have gone through a summer of sunshine and rain and have changed more than I thought they would and the color is not what I was really expecting.  Right after the decks were done, I used some scrap lumber from the project and built two small end tables to go on either side of the Glider on the main deck and a bench I could sit on while grilling on the other deck.  They also weathered all summer and look just like the deck boards.  Our good friend Dan recently stained his deck and had some stain left over that he kindly gave to us.  So, I have stained both tables and the bench and will now leave them out to weather and see how they do.  If we like it, we will probably be staining the decks next summer or fall.  The pictures below show the tables and bench after staining.

You can see the deck boards under the tables and see how they looked before I stained them.

The white areas in the top of the one table is some wood filler I used when making it.

One view of the bench.

Another angle view of the bench.