Friday, August 26, 2016


There were three River Birch trees that were very close to the house and one was actually leaning over the house and a hard Maple that was starting to rot near it's base.  We decided it was time to have them removed before they caused more problems.  The tree guys came yesterday and took them all down without dropping a single twig on the house.  They did a great job.  The guy doing most of the cutting did it while climbing the tree and using a rope to get the branches to fall the right direction.  He knows his business.  The following pictures show the step by step progress and the final result.

This is the clump of three River Birch that were near and overhanging the house. 

This is the hard Maple that was starting to rot at the base.

This is the clump of three from the other side.

This is the guy that did most of the cutting starting on the first tree.

Here he is at work progressing up the main tree in the clump of three.

This is some trimming of the lower branches on the hard Maple.

He is getting near the top of the big Birch now.

This is how he cut off limbs and lowered them to the ground.

At the top of the big Birch

Now he is working on the Birch that was hanging over the house.

Just one more branch to go and it is topped.

All done on the "over hanger".

Now to finish the  third one.

Preparing the big Birch to be taken down.

Now he works on the hard Maple to get it topped.

Just about done.

One branch to go.

Hard Maple topped and ready to be taken down.

Hard Maple staring to fall.

This is the Birch that was hanging over the house coming down.

This is the big main Birch coming down.

And last but not least the third Birch coming down.

The three stumps on the upper right were the Birch trees and the one on the left was the hard Maple.

 This is the after shot.  You can compare it to the first picture to see the change.