Saturday, February 22, 2014

Arizona Wildlife

This afternoon we were sitting on the patio and saw a couple visitors that weren't too sure how they were going to get around us.
We have cottontails in MN but they don't have ears this long.  We're wondering if they're part jack rabbit.
Besides the Quail that run across the back yard, this is about the extent of the local wild life around us.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Las Vegas Pictures

This past Sunday and Monday we were in Las Vegas with our friends Dan and Carol.  There was a lot of gambling and a lot of fun, not much winning.  I gave up early Monday and decided to ride a bus that was available for getting from one place to another on the "Strip".  The bus went from one end of the "Strip" to the other and you could get on and off as often as you liked.  It only cost $8.00 for a one day pass.  A good deal and I used it to the fullest.  I got on near the middle of the "Strip" and rode all the way to the end and then all the way back to the other end and finally back to near the middle where I got on.  It was about a 2 hour trip.  The following pictures were mostly taken during the bus ride.  The first 4 were taken from our room on the 29 floor of the Treasure Island casino hotel and the last two were taken while I was walking on the street.
Entrance to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino from our room.
The Palazzo Hotel and Casino from our room window.
The Venetian Hotel and Casino from our room.
The Wynn Hotel and Casino from our room.  The area just to the right of the building with all the trees is a golf course.
Part of the "Strip"
MGM Hotel and Casino
Entrance to the MGM
The Mandalay Bay
MGM Lion and Lady GaGa
Monte Carlo entrance
The camera was NOT tilted.  These two building lean away from each other as they get taller.  I still don't know what they are, hotels, office buildings?
Everybody knows Bubba Gump
Entrance to the Paris hotel and casino
These two "gentlemen" were outside a construction project on the "Strip" 
Harahs hotel and casino on the right and Treasure Island in the distance.
I think this was a hotel/casino, but not sure which one.
Getting closer to the space needle building
Space needle
Another casino with a nice statute out front.
This billboard was along the way on the "Strip".  Not sure what all their "products" might be.
Encore hotel and casino.
This shot shows the tower our rooms were in.  It is the one on the right and our room was only a couple rooms from the end on the 29th of 36 floors.
Caesars Palace entrance.
Ballys entrance near Paris.
This guy would strike a pose and stay that way for several minutes.  He looked like a statue until you looked real close.
Same guy in another pose.  Don't know anything about the ad on the truck.
That is the end of the show.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Casino Trip

Yesterday we took our good friends Carol and Dan to the casino that is on the other side of Lake Havasu.  It is a nice boat trip and the restaurant there is a nice place to eat.  We made an afternoon of it and had a nice time.  The following pictures are of the boat that takes customers to the casino and also one nice picture of Carol and Dan.  They have big smiles because they had some good luck at the casino.  Pat and I mostly just had a good time.
This is the boat on its way back to Lake Havasu City to both return people going home and to pick up the next group wanting to come out to the casino.  Please ignore the blur.
This is the boat pulling into the dock at the casino  The next picture is just another shot of the same boat pulling in.
This picture is of Carol and Dan with their big winning smiles.