Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We arrive back home safely yesterday.  It was a long trip, but mostly uneventful.  Had good roads and only a little slop around Kansas City.  We did see several accidents and cars in the ditch.  The following picture is what the front area of our place looks like.  The sidewalk to the front door is totally covered up.  Our very kind neighbor Dale took the time and effort to clear the snow from in front of the garage door so we could get in there when we arrive home.  There is still some ice there, but I have the salt working on it and we should soon be able to break it up and move it away.  The little puff of steam in the picture is from the dryer.  The house isn't on fire.

The next picture is an early morning on Lake Havasu in Arizona with two fishermen on their way to fish.  I have this picture to show you the nice lake we will be near next winter.  We have decided to go to the Lake Havasu City area instead of Texas as in the past 4 years.  It will be a new place to explore and get to know.  The second picture below is of the house we have reserved for next January through March.  It is a three bedroom, two bath house with a triple garage.  Will be nice to get the car inside.  The house is located about 5 miles from the "London Bridge", which is a local tourist attraction, and that same distance from the Lake Havasu.  Going to be an very interesting winter in 2014.

This is the latest news and report.  Everyone have a great Easter and take care.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Big Birthday

Today is Patrick's birthday and a pretty big one too!  We won't mention any numbers here though.

It's a gorgeous day here today so we thought it was a good day to take a little road trip so we headed out to Luckenbach, TX.  The birthday boy is posing for this one.

If I felt a little more limber, I might have tried crawling up on this Longhorn, but thought best to just get a picture of someone much younger and able.

We took a different route back home and stopped at Gruene for dinner.  Patrick wanted a "good" steak and we happened to find one.

It was a nice way to spend a big birthday - no matter what the number.