Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Experimenting

These rainy days can get a little long unless you enjoy experimenting with new recipes.  That's Patrick's hobby when he finds something that sounds good on the Internet.

Yesterday, he tried out a new chicken recipe in the crock pot.  It wasn't too complicated - just time consuming.  It included a couple cans of cream of chicken soup, butter, onions and de-boned chicken along with some Pillsbury biscuits that were suppose to guise as dumplings.  We both agreed it was ok but nothing to get excited about.  We have a rule that if we really like it, it goes in his 3-ring binder.  If not a "do over", it goes in the shredder.  This one hit the shredder as soon as we were done eating.

This morning I woke up to a mixer and chopper sound.  Patrick was already trying out a new pecan bar recipe he found. 
They are still cooling so haven't been given the taste test yet but they sure look and smell good.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Early Start

This morning got off to an earlier start than we expected.  We have been waiting all summer to get this project done but due to a few obstacles; e.g., bids too high, contractors thinking the job is too small so aren't interested, and contractor no-show, we finally found someone.

The project is just replacing some edging around some of our trees and septic system.  Probably doesn't sound like much, but more than we could handle.

Patrick is talking to the owner and discovered they were almost done.  We have no idea when they arrived but it had to be very early because it was before 8:00 when we first saw them.