Friday, May 13, 2016


They are predicting that the temperature will get down to 29 tonight and down to 32 tomorrow night.  I decided it was time to try and protect the plants in the garden.  I will leave the covers there until sometime on Sunday.  It is suppose to be warmer at night after that, I hope.  The first picture is the before covers and the second is after the covers were installed.  Sure glad we saved the old bed sheets.  They come in handy quite often for various projects.

This is the before picture.

This is the after picture.  The tomatoes are in the square things and the peppers are under the tent on the left.

I also have radishes, carrots and sweet peas planted, but they haven't come up yet as I only planted then 3 days ago.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Garden and Tree

Earlier this week I got my garden started for this year.  Planted 6 tomato plants and 4 pepper plants.  There are two different kinds of tomatoes, 3 each and one kind of pepper the green Bell pepper.  So far they are doing okay.  This coming week I will get the radishes and some carrots planted along with the the Cucumbers.  The following pictures are of the garden and our Crab Apple tree that bloomed very nicely this past week.

The long range view of the garden.  Only the posts show of the new fence I put up.  The fence is made of green welded wire.  Hope to keep the rabbits out.

A closer view of the garden.  You can see the plants if you look closely.  The peppers are to the left of the tomatoes and close to the white fence.  The enclosures around the tomatoes are the ones I made.

Crab Apple tree.