Thursday, August 23, 2012

Window Decorations

How do you decorate your kitchen window?  This time of year, we usually have a few of these "red balls" in our window but this year we have a few more than usual.  We've been sharing them with neighbors and friends.
Every year Patrick plants his usual garden of tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers.  The last couple years, our spring weather has been a bit unpredictable.  After the garden was planted, we would get cool/freezing nights so we weren't sure how much of his garden survived.  The cucumbers were replanted and have taken over the entire garden spot.

What we can't figure out is why the tomato plants dry up when there are still green tomatoes on them.  They get plenty of water from our sprinkler system so water isn't the issue.  Do any of you veteran gardeners have any ideas?

Also, since Patrick isn't bending much these days from his hip surgery; he was the Planter and I have become the Picker.  We seem to get it done!