Thursday, August 29, 2013

Train Ride

I have wanted to go on a train ride for some time and finally made it yesterday.  There is a train in Duluth, MN that does short rides daily.  We were there yesterday and did the ride.  It was interesting and gave me some experience  to have in thinking about taking a long train ride.  The following pictures are of trains in the museum at the depot and while we were on the ride.

This is Pat sitting on an old steam engine.

This is me standing next to another steam engine.

This is one big snow plow.

This is an old Pontiac that was made to run on the rails.  

Another snow removal device.  How is that for a rotary snow plow.

This is the engine that pulled our train for the ride.

This is an ore ship that was out in lake Superior.  The haze was very thick out over the lake.

Lift bridge and beach along the lake.  Those two little things in the lower left of the picture were Kayaks.

This is an old ore ship that is docked for tours.

That was the tour.  It was a good day.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We had a short thunderstorm here tonight but it wasn't too bad - only pea-sized hail.  The sun came out and this appeared.  Too bad it was raining; otherwise, I would have tried to get the whole thing.  There's a double ring on this shot.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Murphy's Law

We have a little (and it is little) Farmer's Market in town every Wednesday afternoon.  Last week, I was hungry for sweet corn so thought I'd check it out to see if I had any luck finding some.  Patrick asked me to get a couple slicing cucumbers if they had any.  They did have the cucumbers and home grown tomatoes but no sweet corn.  There's another vegetable stand in town that did have my sweet corn so the trip wasn't a total bust for corn.

After we ate, Patrick checked out his cucumber plant that he's experimenting with - planting cucumbers in a flower pot.  This is what he found.
Maybe we should start checking the "garden" before heading to the Farmer's Market.  He did plant a regular garden too but so far nothing showing except vines and blossoms.  Can't say he isn't trying.