Monday, October 19, 2015


We took a day trip today to the Jackpot Junction Casino near Morten Minnesota.  After having a nice lunch there with our friends Dan and Carol and making our donations to the casino, we ventured into Redwood Falls and visited a park there that Pat remembered from a past visit.  The pictures are mostly from the park.  It will be worth another visit next summer when it is all green again.

The Redwood Falls water tower.

The park we visited.

This water fall is in the park.

Had to get in the picture.

This is the person that took the picture Pat and I were standing by in the previous two shots.

Because the falls was way down a steep hill, I didn't go down to see it.  Pat went with the camera to take pictures.  This is a suspension bridge she had to cross to get to the falls.  She said it was very creaky and didn't feel very solid. 

This is the wide angle shot of the falls.  Pretty setting.

This is a close up shot of the falls.

Pat took all the above pictures except for the one she was in and the water tower.  Did a great job and got pictures that didn't require any editing.