Tuesday, June 6, 2017


We had two trees in the backyard that were originally planted to close together and were starting to interfere with their growth.  So, we had one removed today.  Ralph Hansen came this morning and had the tree down and hauled away in under 30 minutes.  He did a fine job.  Now all this is left is to get the stump removed.  Here are a few pictures.

This is the before picture.  The tree in the middle is the one going down.

Cutting the major limbs that can be reached off first.

Tree all ready to come down now.

The tree is down and he planned and did fall the tree right onto the wagon so that the top could just be cut off and not have to be loaded a piece at a time.   That is Ralph in the red shirt.

Here he is cutting the top off before cutting up the trunk.

All done and ready for the stump grinder.



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