Sunday, June 4, 2017


We have lived here now for 9 years and one other time about 8 years ago we had a deer in our backyard.  Tonight it happened again.  What looked to be about a year old doe was chowing down on our Cherry tree when Pat first saw her.  She yelled at me that a deer was eating our Cherry tree and I wasn't real sure what she said.  I came into the kitchen where I could see the tree and sure enough there was a deer nibbling on the tree.  I grabbed my camera to get a picture figuring she would take off as soon as she saw me.  I took one picture from inside the house and then went outside to scare her away.  She wasn't scared and moved over to nibble on the apple tree.  I went down from the deck into the yard and started toward her.  She just watched me until I was only about 20 feet away and then moved back toward the river.  But, she didn't want to leave and I chased here all the way around the back yard into the front yard and finally into the neighbors front yard.  This chase was at a medium speed walk.  She finally went on up the street the last we saw of her.  Never saw a deer so unafraid before.  Here are the pictures.

 Deer at the Cherry tree.

 At the Apple tree.

Getting close.

The beginning of the chase around and out of our yard.



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