Sunday, June 24, 2018


Pat looked out the window this morning and there sat an Eagle in our backyard.  He/she was sitting and holding onto a fish that had apparently recently been caught and was two heavy causing him/her to need to land in our yard.  He/she was trying to drag it back to the river while we watched.  He/she finally took off and I am not sure if the fish went along or not.  Haven't been down to check to see if it is still there as it is raining.  He/she may have already been back and taken it if he/she didn't when he/she originally left.  The pictures are not the best because they were taken through a window that has a screen on it.

This is the best picture of the three and was taken just before the Eagle left.

You can see some of the fish in this picture.

Really has a good grip on the fish.



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