Sunday, February 18, 2018


We had our annual brunch at the Hualapai Resort this morning.  It was a nice group and nobody went hungry.  Unfortunately, Arizona has passed a new law that prohibits the feeding of the Elk.  That was always a big part of the visit in past years to see the bunch of Elk that would be right outside the windows of the restaurant.  There weren't any this year because there wasn't any food for them.  It was still a pretty drive to the restaurant and the mountain scenery was great.  A few pictures.

This resort is in the Hualapai Park.  They have several cabins to rent as well as the restaurant.

This is the group. From the left, Pat, Lenie, Becky, Patrick, Wayne, Diane, Erin and Ilene.

This is a very nice Elk mount that was in the restaurant area.

This was a Deer mount hanging over the fireplace in the restaurant.

Mountain view from the restaurant.

Another mountain view.



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